Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What if I'm Taking the CUA?

Jill Asked:

How does this relate to someone currently enrolled in the CUA certification program?  The CXA up-sell language makes the CUA certification seem obsolete.  I have taken the first CUA course and am enrolled for the Design course that is being offered in a few weeks.  Is there any plan to have courses from one program count toward the other?  As you say, "usability is no longer enough."  How are these two programs (CUA, CXA) so different?  I won't be able to afford both certifications, and it seems that maybe the CUA certification should just be expanded vs. kept as a mutually exclusive entity.  Help?


I can help!

The PET Design skill set is an extension to the foundation of classic usability, which is the topic of the CUA™ programs.  Every company and every person involved in user experience design MUST have this foundation.  Classic usability is the core of user experience design.  If a user can’t find it, the user can’t be persuaded by it!    The CXA™ program that I am working on now is an extension to the foundation of classic usability.  We see the transition to user experience design about going beyond making things that people can use easily.  We are looking at the design issues more strategically; by participating in business positioning and new product ideation.  We are engineering persuasion and ensuring that advanced communication methods work.  We are applying our skills to a wider set of environments and products.  And we are operating in an ‘industrial strength’ mode, using advanced methods and tools to manage the amount of user centered work companies need today.  So get your foundation.  And look forward to the profound ways our field is growing.

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